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April 25, 2011
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TS: Violet by iBlue-Potato TS: Violet by iBlue-Potato
Full body: :thumb292577245:
for :icontoy-store:

Name: Violet

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: Yeah screw you too

Job: Soul Harvester/ Reaper

Species: Necromancer

Weapon (if any): She doesn't have any. She relies on her own spells

Abilities (if any):
- Amplification. Basically exhaggerating something of it's capability.

- Works with dark magic that usually takes form of missiles and mutation

- Cursed potions, or spells that grant but with unpleasant side effects.

-She is a sadistic mage with a morbid sense of humor and an odd taste in cute. Her sense in sarcasm is high, so often does this insulting girl pick up enemies. Violet doesn't purposely try to get in fights with others, but because of her naturally insulting personality, shit happens. Also, her temper is short, but Violet prefers belittling the other in obvious distaste than yelling.

She's very spell-relliant during combat, which is why Violet prefers not to bet into any despite her bad mouth, as they do tend to make her very tired at the end of them because spells take up her stamina. Violet is pretty flexible and quick to think, but she has a relatively low movement speed. She's better off medium ranged but poor at hand-to-hand combat.

Potions and positive magic would never occur to be her forte, not even healing. Any spell she ever tries to do would always have some twisted effect with it. Violet used to mend, but because of her dark magic's influence, she only either does it horribly or make situations worse. So, Violet stopped her practice of healing. The only potion she's ever done so far is a mutation. It's original purpose was to beautify actually, but because she studied dark arts, it seeped into it and eventually made it a mutating potion. She is capable of raising the dead like any necromancer would, but does it poorly as she prefers to practice other skills. Necromancer my butt. In the end she defeats the purpose of 'raising life' but deteriorating it instead.

Violet has this "I won't help you unless you ask me" kind of personality. Most of the time she would just watch. It's either she doesn't like you, doesn't care, you didn't ask, or she's enjoying the pain you're suffering at the moment.

While everyone else at kindergarten was having a fun time during family day's or days of family bondage, the little white-head would stay in her room to play with her creepy and dead looking dolls while mother and father would play with her other siblings. To make explaining Violet's status with her family short, she was unloved in her family. Violet was a storked baby. Her parent's had no intention of even keeping her, Violet was left on their door step by someone else because her actual mother couldn't even afford to take care of her herself. She's never seen the face of her real mom.

They treated her like she was a last option. Food and shelter is all they gave her because they were obliged to the day she was passed on their doorstep, and that's the rule in the neighborhood when you get a storked baby. If you don't catch the mother leaving the baby to your house, it's yours. Since they didn't catch Violet's real mother, they had no choice but to take her in as their own. Loving a child like her was only an option.

It would have been a choice for them to pass Violet on to the next house if they couldn't afford her either, but they were the proud owners of an oil company. They could pretend they couldn't keep her, but they were too well known in that area for anyone to believe.

Didn't take them long enough until that oil company hit bankruptcy, eventually they fell apart and took the choice of selling Violet for starter money instead. Oh the options of doing anything else were endless, but that family has been waiting for an oppurtunity to get rid of her. And when that oppurtunity came, they took it, deciding to sell her away. Before Violet was finally taken out, she managed to snatch up one of their jewelry. A blue diamond like accessory which she wears around her neck now. By the age of 5, she lost all contact to this 'family'.

Somewhere in that same area, there lived an old and a very dark necromancer. Hearing about this, the old lady decides to save Violet from the men and raise her as her own; training her as a necromancer as well, and teaching her the ways of murderous acts(self-protection, according to the old lady), the darkest of magic, curses and dealing with the dead from that point on.

It was only Violet and her new found 'grandma' living together at that time, so she often felt lonely and began playing with the lives of humans, taking them away and mutating people for her own amusement and pass of time. While Violet had no means of social communication, other than the old lady, the dead kept her company. They lived in a small house just in front of their garden others call a graveyard.

She knew her grandma wouldn't be able to be with her forever so she finds a way to make her teachings prevail. On her way to the market with her grandma, she saw a small unnoticeable flier on the window pane of an abandoned warehouse . And from that small flier she discovered the Toy store. She decided to apply for it hoping to earn companions for the first time, improve her skills, give meaning to her slaughter, and serve her grandmothers' teachings purpose. But more than that, while the factory serves as a sort of ground she can idle in for a while, she hopes to learn something eventually about this family that threw her away so she can hunt them down and kill them once and for all.

- The sight of pain. especially when it's people she hates/humans. Organs, blood, breaking, snapping, popping joints, etc.

-She loves magic and all things magical. Violet works in life/soul related spells, curses and mutation, she loves topics and people majoring in them as well.

-To hurry up and get better so she can mutilate humans faster and/or hunt down specific humans. Like u

- Nursery Rhymes, and the dark and violent history behind them.

- Slaughtering things..... or people. Taking lives away deteriorate their every being and scent of humanity.

- Psyche


- Hot and overly bright places.

- Humanity

- Hand-to-hand combat

- Snow, Violet get's cold easily kthx. goddamnit this woman's temp. sensitive whatisthis.

- Over analyzing people

- Children

- Stupidity. Though it's fun to torture you the more you're cursed with it.

- You

- Children

- Alcohol

- Children

- Drama

- Humanity

- Liars

- Humanity

Additional Information:
- The thing on the tip of her hair is her pet/friend, that spits out dark magic. It's name is Black

- If the hair of humans grow from black -> white, Her's grow from white -> black (her pet will grow white)

- That jewelry is there just cuz. noikidd. Violet was able to snatch it off a table before her parent's sent her away. The only reason why she's wearing it is for display; Until she hunt's her parent's down and kill them she's not taking it off.

- She can change her hairstyle by de-animating her pet whenever she wants. When she de-animates it, it wont affect Black at all. It's like sleeping for it. However, you don't see her do it at all since she prefers to keep her braid and the only time you would see her with straight hair is if someone else decides to de-animate it without her concern.

- Her skin get's pale, her pulse disappears and body's very still when she sleeps. So Violet looks pretty much dead when she's sleeping lol

She's temperature sensitive and actually very conservative. Violet's always trying to find a say to cover up most of her skin other than exposure of half her thighs.

-Because her skin is light in color, her blushes tend to be really obvious- when that happens, that is. Knowing this, Violet has practiced it's prevention and now rarely does.

-so yeah im finally getting her to blush but im not goingto include here how that happens
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Spitfire-11A Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
I count her hating both humanity and children 3 times each in her dislikes section. She really doesn't like human beings, does she? Overall, great bio!
iBlue-Potato Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

yeaaaahhhhh not really
haha xD

Thank you!! :'D
Rovei Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I ship them. I ship them so hard... :iconpapcryplz:

Just.... would it be PsycheViolet, or VioletPsyche?
Staarbyte Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
Rovei Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll take that as VIOLETPSYCHE<3
iBlue-Potato Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

LOL, how does the arrangement matter? o - o
Rovei Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mmmmm the person that dominates, aka "tops" gets to have their name first. So it's usually a boy's name before a girls..... actually most of the time, but in some cases, like chai and par, it's not Parchai but Chaipar(for me welp).
iBlue-Potato Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

well yeah when we'd refer to the two with my other friends we call it PXV
so id assume---

i thought arrangement was insignificant

gawd berry
Rovei Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist


Just sorting the technicalities out Potatooo <3

Glad to have educated you little'un. :iconmuahplz:
LittleScorpio Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
I adore Violet... the design, the personality... ahhhh :iconlvlvplz:
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